How To Start Half Marathon Training

Well it’s just under 15 weeks until my first half marathon. 13 miles is going to be a long way and my goal is NOT to just finish it. I want to do it in a decent time. Decent time to me would be a 10 minute or under mile for that far of a distance. Hubby, friends and I did the Sound to Narrows a week ago and with all the hills (was unprepared for how hilly) I finished the 12k with an 11:38 mile. Wasn’t impressed with my run and it’s given me motivation for this half marathon.

We have a big group of girls that decided to commit to run. A good friend and I are running it for sure and we’ve snagged another friend. I am excited to possibly have some training partners to run with, but we’ll see. Running at someone else’s pace doesn’t always work out.

My training schedule will consist of miles to run per week with a minimum of 4 days running a week. These first 3 weeks will be 20 miles per week with one of the days being my 10k route and one other day has to be my 5 mile route. 1 day will also be my short 2.8 route to try and help work on my mile pace.

Let’s just map out a little what my next 15 weeks will look like as a countdown.

Week 15 – 20 miles total/ 10k, 2 days 5 mile, 2.8 (leaves 1 mile easy day) Have 7.8 miles ran so far on day 2
Week 14 – same as above
Week 13 – 22 miles total/2 days of 10k route, 2 days 5 mile route
Week 12 – same as above
Week 11 – 24-27 miles total
Week 10 -27 miles
Week 9 -27
Week 8 – 30 miles
Week 7 -30 miles
Week 6 -34 miles
Week 5 – 34 miles
Week 4 -34-37 miles with one run of 10 miles minimum
Week 3 – Running a 10k race! light week of running 5 miles 2 days and 1 days short 2.8 route
Week 2 – 34 miles
Week 1 – 13.4 miles easy week of 5 miles 1 day and 3 days of 2.8 route
Sept. 26 – RACE DAY!

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I want to get some more races scheduled in there. Maybe just 1 more, it is difficult to schedule anything extra in the summer. I will definitely get more details up for the later weeks as I get a groove going. Plus I need to find some longer routes to run so I can calculate things better. My longest route right now is the 10k (6.2miles).

I’ll keep updating as I progress. Especially as I start working some pace stuff in there. I guess I better start timing myself so I can track that progress as well. I have a few weeks before I’m worried at all about my times. But it’s great to know where you first start out.