How To Warm Up For Exercise

No matter what you are told, warming up for exercise is a necessary part of working out. Not warming up for exercise up can put yourself at higher risk of an injury. Is it really worth injuring yourself just to show you are ‘tough’ and do not need to warm up?

Start by just focusing on your breathing as this is vital when working out. Getting familiar with your breathing rate will help to focus you and get you ready for exercise. Try breathing through your nose slowly and regularly to begin with.

It is vital for safety that you increase your heart rate slowly. Start with marching on the spot, or combine this with a walk to the gym if you are going there to work out. Of course getting on the treadmill also works. Swing your arms to loosen the shoulders a little as you do so and gradually increase to a fast walk or skip depending on whether you are actually moving or doing the exercise in one place. Stick your arms out perpendicular to your body and shake your hands to get your circulation flowing.

When you are ready then jog in place, making sure you always put your heels down when you land to help stretch out your legs. Get those knees up high to stretch out your hamstrings and get those hips moving freely. If you are on the treadmillthen get the speed upwards of 5.5 or better. It’s only for a minute or two.

Next it is necessary to warm up each part of the body, focus particularly on the area you plan to be working on. Stretch arms high up in to the air and look up at the ceiling. Hold for 10 seconds and slowly drop your head forwards, letting your arms dangle in front of you. Your head and arms should weigh you down and stretch out your back. Reach forward bending from the hips and then bend back carefully with your chin tucked to your chest. Hold for 10 seconds and stand upright again. Repeat 2 or 3 times.

To get your legs ready then kick. Do a low kick, then higher, bending your knee up and kicking out fast. Do several kicks with each leg in turn, alternating them. Try this for a minute at least and then shake out the legs.

Go back to jogging in place and slow it down until you feel comfortable that your joints are loose and ready to use. Have water ready and then go ahead and start to use the equipment for your planned workout.

By bringing your heart rate up slowly and focusing on breathing then you have prepared your body for exercise rather than plunging it straight in and risking hurting yourself. Getting your muscles and joints moving will help prevent pulled muscles, ligaments and tendons. It’s hard to have your muscles work correctly if you jump out of the car and right into exercise.

During exercise keep hydrated and end with a cool down, which is the perfect way to round off an excellent work out. warming up for exercise is an essential part of every exercise routine.

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